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SOLID GROUND CONSTRUCTION(JAHA Construction & Development Inc.) is a reliable Construction company established in Los Angeles.  We have been serving the Southern California community since 2007. We are specialized in Construction management, General, Concrete and Framing construction. We are experienced in building new costume home single family and multifamily Apartment and Condo as well as commercial tenant Improvement. 

Our Philosophy is adding value by bringing our knowledge, experience and expertise in field of construction  

to achieve the best result by optimizing the cost, time and resources in completion of projects. 

 We value collaboration, respect , integrity and honesty. 

We work closely with Developers and General Contractors, Architects and engineers to achieve the best result on every project 

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Javad Hashemi grew up in a family with an extensive background in construction. His father is an architect and contractor which sparked the interest in construction for Javad at an early age. Javad received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in Tehran and worked in the family business in Iran, managing many commercial and residential building projects. In 2005, Javad moved to Los Angeles and studied Construction Management until opening his first construction business in 2007. Javadʼs passion is connecting with people, inspiring the natural flow of giving and receiving, and cultivating the exchange of ideas. His business philosophy, as well as his life philosophy, is encouraging mutual value and enjoyment in all interactions to sustain positive relationships.

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